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Controlling HVAC Repair Costs in Q3 of 2017

Published: July, 10 2017

HVAC repair

As a commercial facility manager, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure all the mechanical systems in your building are well cared for and functioning properly so tenants and employees stay safe, happy, and productive. While you may not be directly responsible for creating or approving budgets, no building owner hands out blank checks, so keeping costs under control is vital as well.

In fact, effectively managing a commercial facility is a lot like running a business: you need to stay on top of income and cash flow, control expenses through efficiency and smart choices, and boost profit margin wherever possible without sacrificing quality.  

In the case of the building’s HVAC system, there are several ways to accomplish these fiscally responsible goals:

  • Encourage efficient energy usage wherever possible
  • Make sure the equipment lasts as long as possible
  • Maintaining optimal performance
  • Be proactive and strategic about upgrades, repairs and replacement

Unfortunately, keeping up with that To Do list is beyond the capabilities of most in-house maintenance teams. The increasingly complex building systems that keep your facility safe and comfortable require the skills and knowledge of an experienced professional technician to get the most value.

Planned maintenance is the key for commercial HVAC cost control

It’s rare for a complex problem to have a simple and straightforward solution, but in this case, it does.

To control HVAC repair and service costs in 2017, your very best option is to take advantage of a planned maintenance program from a commercial HVAC service provider.

Learn more about planned maintenance services for your Puget Sound building.

At its core, a planned maintenance program includes a proactive schedule of inspections, tests, and necessary adjustments to optimize the system’s usage throughout the year. An experienced technician will regularly:

  • Visually inspect components of the HVAC system
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks (like filter replacements and cleaning)
  • Make note of any components that should be proactively replaced or upgraded prior to a necessary emergency HVAC repair
  • Apprise you of the current system status and any potential areas of concern, which aids in future budgeting and CapEx planning
  • Review all system analytics (if available) and optimize the system for energy efficiency, either via building automation, or manually as needed

This proactive approach to HVAC system repair and maintenance makes it far easier to assist the building owner in scheduling capital expenditures as the budget allows and getting the most value out of every dollar spent. And, it frees your maintenance staff up to work on other projects where they can add greater value in their own areas of expertise.

To explore a planned maintenance program for your commercial facility in Puget Sound and throughout the Seattle area, contact our team of commercial HVAC experts at PSR Mechanical today.

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