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Do Your Commercial HVAC Technicians Meet These 3 Vital Qualifications?

Published: March, 12 2018


Your commercial facility’s HVAC system helps protect the building and every piece of equipment or inventory inside it. It’s also vital to the health, comfort, and productivity of every person working inside the building. And, as facility owners know, the HVAC system is an expensive building component to replace.

For all these reasons, it’s important for you, as a commercial building owner or facility manager, to be particular about who you choose to work on your HVAC system — from the simplest maintenance task to the most involved upgrade or replacement.

If the HVAC professionals working on your building equipment don’t meet the following important qualifications, you may be facing expensive disappointment down the road:

Ongoing education

The commercial HVAC industry is constantly changing. Technology improves, new equipment is designed, and better processes are developed often. It’s important that the team you trust to service your building’s system stays on top of these changes with continuing education that all of their professionals receive regularly.

While some companies with one or two field experts may have talented and experienced people doing the work, their limited scale often means that schedules are full addressing current needs. Unfortunately, ongoing education will often take a back seat to earning income and growing the business.

At PSR Mechanical, our HVAC team of professionals have access to one of the leading educational programs available in the industry through the Service Logic family of companies. And, our team is large enough and diverse enough that we can schedule ongoing education into our technicians’ schedules, regardless of ongoing workload. It’s that important.


Of course, every professional needs to start somewhere, and many companies have employees with various years of experience in the industry. But, the real question when it comes to experience is, how much importance does your Seattle HVAC provider place on support and education?  

At PSR Mechanical, we have a diverse team of both seasoned and new HVAC team members. For those with less experience, we focus on educating employees thoroughly and providing them with a wide range of experience under controlled situations. This is accomplished by partnering newer technicians with more experienced technicians for direct on-the-job training and monitoring.

Engaged in the work

It can be disconcerting for building owners to work with a service provider who is uninformative and unengaged when maintaining or repairing expensive and vital equipment. When it comes to the complexities of an HVAC system, it’s essential to work with a company that can help empower facility managers to understand and have confidence in the work being done.

At PSR Mechanical, our team is local to Puget Sound, and they care about what happens here: the local economy, the local environment, and the success of local businesses like yours.

Why look for a GreenSTAR partner? 

You’ll be hiring an experienced contractor who knows how to serve the changing needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, while keeping up with the latest equipment technologies. With a GreenSTAR company:

  • Technicians participate in the only HVACR technician training and exam program of its kind that’s ANSI-accredited and ISO 9000 certified -- the toughest standards in the industry.
  • LEED AP - Operations & Maintenance on staff.
  • Certified Energy Manager on staff.
  • PSR Mechanical is one of only 3 STAR qualified contractors in Washington state.

So, if you’re currently working with a commercial HVAC provider that sends out technicians who don’t quite measure up to the level of current industry knowledge, experience, and friendly engagement your staff and facility deserve, contact PSR Mechanical to find out how we can help.

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