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How Benchmarking Boosts ROI For Seattle Commercial Buildings

Published: September, 19 2017

The average commercial facility (50,000 square feet or larger) spends about 30 percent of the monthly operating budget on energy.

Building Control Systems Can Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money

Published: September, 12 2017

An intelligent building control system gathers real-time data from the environment and uses it to make adjustments to the building’s systems, such as the HVAC and lighting, based on whatever parameters the user sets. One of the main benefits of this type of automated system optimization is how it may dramatically boost energy efficiency, so commercial buildings that use controls will typically experience lower operational costs while being more comfortable and secure.

These 3 Common Commercial HVAC Problems Are Likely Wasting Your Money

Published: August, 15 2017

Many commercial building owners are amazed to realize how much money they’re wasting every month due to relatively simple HVAC issues that go unresolved. Running a commercial building is just like running any other part of a business: if you’re spending more than you’re taking in, you’re going to fail.

Preparing for Natural Disasters: The Role of Emergency HVAC Repair

Published: August, 08 2017

Mother Nature is nothing if not unpredictable.

While the Pacific Northwest is primarily known for clouds and showers rather than tornadoes and hurricanes, we’ve also had our fair share of heavy ice or rain, flooding, and damaging winds. Other more serious potential disasters are always a slim but real possibility. As commercial building owners and facility managers, you need to be aware of these dangers, both for the sake of your own home and family, as well as your facility and those who live or work there.

Looking for a New Commercial HVAC Service Provider? 4 Things to Consider:

Published: July, 17 2017

Choosing a qualified HVAC service provider for your commercial building is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’re not looking for a fly-by-night handyman to handle a quick repair job. What you need is a long-term partner with the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to provide best-in-class service for your building on an ongoing basis.

Controlling HVAC Repair Costs in Q3 of 2017

Published: July, 10 2017

As a commercial facility manager, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure all the mechanical systems in your building are well cared for and functioning properly so tenants and employees stay safe, happy, and productive. While you may not be directly responsible for creating or approving budgets, no building owner hands out blank checks, so keeping costs under control is vital as well.

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