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3 Tools Your Commercial HVAC Company Should Be Using to Improve Your ROI

Published: May, 15 2018

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Running HVAC systems in medium and large commercial buildings is a difficult and complicated endeavor. PSR Mechanical is dedicated to ensuring our Seattle-area customers are getting the very best out of their systems, and seeing a satisfactory return on investment (ROI).

When considering issues with regular maintenance, needing unforeseen repairs, or even replacement of parts or the entire system, building owners and managers invest significant resources, both time and money, into running a facility’s HVAC systems.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with a company that continually searches for ways, on a client by client basis, to improve ROI by conducting inspections, maintenance, repair, installations, and retrofit projects.

You’ll want to ensure your commercial HVAC company is using these three tools to improve your ROI.

The operational assessment

The operational assessment is the perfect starting point for a project, which is recommended both to new customers, and every two years for existing customers. This assessment takes stock of the current system’s performance, air quality, energy usage and efficiency; as well as more tangible considerations like tenant comfort. Your HVAC company then collects and analyzes a variety of metrics, and uses that to recommend various changes to maintain and improve overall performance.

Once the operational assessment has been conducted, you’ll receive a prioritized list of recommendations that will enhance your commercial HVAC system ROI. This will be a comprehensive list ranging from items that will involve little to no investment, as well as higher-cost and involvement items.

The planned maintenance program

Your HVAC service provider should offer multiple services to provide positive ROI, which includes a planned maintenance program for your HVAC system(s) in a commercial building.

HVAC systems are complex and robust, which means they’ll need routine maintenance in order to operate at a satisfactory level over a long period of time. A planned maintenance program includes replacing air filters when needed, lubricating fan motors, and removing leaves and debris from areas exposed to the elements. In full, there are dozens of tasks that can be completed regularly to ensure a smooth and efficient operation, and often times, lead to a longer service life for equipment.

By investing in a planned maintenance program, you can ensure that:

  • Timely completion of routine maintenance tasks by a trained and experienced technician
  • Technicians will always note additional items that will need to be brought to your attention now or in the future, we always go above and beyond, which could end up saving you significant costs in the future

When considering how routine maintenance cannot only help your HVAC system run efficiently, but prolong the life of parts and machinery, seeing the ROI of keeping your HVAC system healthy becomes easy to picture.

Building automation and controls

Taking advantage of modern technology is another way to improve the ROI in commercial buildings. At PSR Mechanical, we implement electronic controls like “smart” sensors to monitor a building’s controls systems on-location and remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By digitally monitoring your commercial HVAC system, repair technicians will be notified the moment an issue arises, and will be able to address it faster. This will prevent issues going unnoticed for longer periods of time, and save money with repairs, and possible replacements, all helping improve your long-term ROI. There are also certain situations where systems can self-adjust, resolving the problem without needing any interference from a technicians.

If you’d like to further discuss how PRS Mechanical can help better your commercial building’s HVAC system ROI, we’re always happy to help. Contact us today, or download our free maintenance checklist below:

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